Good news!  We are going to see a lot of positive changes in the workplace for the employee.  As our work force continues to dig in to get the job done (even if it means working 18 hours straight) and check out when it’s time to call it quits, the need for seeking work-life balance will come in various forms suited to individual needs.  You never hear micro managing anymore because it simply doesn’t work unless you are still part of the dark ages; it is a reactive state of mind with little return on anything.  Companies are hiring better skilled and educated personnel which puts the onus on the individual to create a a dutiful responsibility to maximize on the success of their role. It is a business model that works well when company leaders and their teams are aligned and synced up with their business goals and objectives; they all keep connected and the relationship becomes transparent.  Managers share more with their team to provide insight on what’s coming up the pipeline while the team decides on how to disseminate these tasks to look at the bigger picture.  This culture creatives a proactive workplace environment where everyone is responsible and most of all, matters to the success of the company.

Today’s workforce sees the value in working hard to get things done but also knows that fair compensation and rewards for dedicated output is warranted.  As the work demand and stress grows higher, so do the demands of fair return come into place for the employee.  This year we will be seeing a lot more of this trend which will not only benefit companies in the long run but most importantly benefit the biggest asset – their employees.

Fist Bump

Here are a few of the biggest workplace trends for 2018 that will benefit the workforce:

Increased Education and Training Programs Will be Offered

Our current economy is fast and furious.  The typical range for learned skills are between 5-10 years.  Companies simply don’t have the time to find the right candidates and will be offering more courses and training to their current workforce.  Companies will be doing this to fill in staffing gaps and help to empower employees while retaining staff count.

Leadership Getting in Touch with Staff

We are continuing to see the development of HR and AI technology combine to help solve everyday business and operations issues into more automated routine tasks which will allow for management to increase their time and become more involved with staff.  The driving force behind relationship building and development staff will be through people managers.  This will become a key trend for those dynamic leaders who are looking to forge strong relationship with their departments and encourage continued productivity and synergy throughout the company.  Personal interaction in the business environment will continue to increase especially with companies who already have collaborative work spaces.  This type of culture will continue to strengthen the value of more face time and interaction.

Diversity in the Workplace will NOT be Undervalued

Fellow women colleagues, hear us roar! Ladies we have roared and are finally heard.  It’s no secret that in some industries which include technology, engineering and even in construction, women’s roles are underrepresented.  Plenty of awareness in discrepancies in gender pay have been identified and adjustments are being made by companies across North America to mitigate the issue.   Improvement of diversity as a whole will also mean more businesses will be developing resource groups for staff to support these initiatives and create a more heterogeneous workforce base.

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