How Does Office Design Affect Productivity?

How Does Office Design Affect Productivity?

Office design can affect productivity and employee health. Naturally, a business wants to create a suitable office environment where employees can accomplish work efficiently and safely. Many office space design features can also support employee health and wellbeing, which ultimately enhances workplace productivity. With the following office design tips, you can offer healthier workspace benefits to employees that will support employee productivity.

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Air Quality

Keeping office space tidy is important, but improving poor ventilation may be a bigger priority in terms of promoting employee well-being and creating a healthy environment. Fresh air is ideal for keeping workers alert. Improving ventilation offers many health benefits, including cleaner air (which means fewer germs that can cause cold and flu), increased energy levels, and improved ability to focus. Improving ventilation and air quality can make a significant impact on employee well-being and productivity levels.

Office Lighting

Improving access to natural light is important to modern office design. Some types of office lighting can affect productivity negatively. An office environment that relies exclusively on artificial light like fluorescent lighting can leave some employees with headaches or decreased energy levels. In those cases, poor lighting can certainly affect productivity. Help workers avoid headaches with improved access to windows and natural light.

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Office Furnishing

How you furnish your office space can impact workers in many respects. Office furnishing can encourage interaction between employees, which can lead to creative collaborations and creative innovation. If you boost creative innovation, you can increase productivity and promote employee satisfaction. Creating workspaces with collaborative spaces and furnishings can support the organisation’s creativity and productivity, and makes for positive cultures.

When it comes to furnishing office spaces, be mindful about specific furniture choices. Ergonomic seating and desk chairs are a must for helping employees stay alert. People feel comfortable and more engaged in what they’re doing when sitting correctly in ergonomic seating.

Be sure to consider outfitting your office space with sit-stand desks. These furnishings can enhance employee health and even help improve focus and boost energy levels. Workers avoid headaches with improved circulation. Standing up periodically to work can enhance circulation. Create wellness rooms when designing office space to ensure that these types of desks and other wellness features are accessible to employees.

Rethink Your Office Design

When a business encourages individuals to stay healthy and takes measures to support their health, it can create a healthy work environment and breed employee loyalty. Ventilation, good lighting conditions, and office furnishings can impact your office space. Consult with WDI Group about how you can utilise office design features to support productivity and employee wellness. We can create an office construction and design plan that includes features like quiet spaces, informal meeting areas, lively colours for sparking inspiration, areas for lunch breaks, and so much more.

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