Top Trends in the Commercial Office Design Industry

Top Trends in the Commercial Office Design Industry

While some trends race into popularity and just as quickly fade out, others have emerged due to the evolution of the workplace and will be around for years to come. Our office design Toronto firm has always had a keen eye on the trends and technology in the industry to provide up to date, sustainable interior design for the commercial and medical office design requirements of our clients. From repurposed spaces, modern private meeting rooms, and fitness facilities, we have seen it all, done it all and look forward to a future of the changes and trends that make this industry exciting.

Here’s a collection of some of our favourite trends in office design:

Transforming Old Buildings into Commercial Spaces

farmhouse office

This was an old farmhouse converted into a medical office. Our office design Toronto team is very familiar with renovating and repurposing old buildings, especially when clients purchase older spaces in the Leslieville and Distillery District neighbourhoods of our city, with a vision of modernization and giving something old, new life. You can read more about this repurposed farmhouse here, and see pictures of the impressive interior, which was designed by Johan Van Staeyan. He combined old with new and overcame challenges to blend simple and modern design with the rustic structure.

Collaborative Work Environments

The collaborative work environment is rising in popularity due to younger generations moving into the workplace, in addition to the benefits noted by freelancers who choose to work with others in co-working arrangements. With most, if not all employees regularly using a Smartphone or tablet, the days of large boardroom meetings may be coming to an end as staff prefer to work on small devices, surrounded by colleagues, in visually appealing environments. Collaborating in comfort with modern furniture, modular seating and unique design concepts is being implemented into working environments more readily every year.

Workplace Fitness and Wellness

fitness room

More employers are noting the benefits of a corporate fitness and wellness centre including reduced health costs, less sick days and improved morale. Our office design Toronto firm designs workplace wellness facilities that blend into the corporate environment and provides employees with a place to burn off stress; socialize and improve their health. This increases productivity in employees, gives everyone more energy, and is guaranteed to promote a positive mood to get through the workday.

Glass Meeting Rooms

glass office space

Another trend emerging in interior office design is transparent meeting rooms. These glass dividers and rooms provide privacy while maintaining an open concept aesthetic, and allowing the inhabitants of the room to see their surroundings. This is an ideal medium for businesses to host meetings but not confine their clients and colleagues to drab and outdated boardrooms. Rather, transparent, private meeting rooms are perfect for showcasing a contemporary office environment while blocking noise, interruptions and giving guests one-on-one attention.

Game and Play Rooms

office game room

A fun office environment used to be exclusive to young, wealthy start-ups but employers are hearing the need for games and activities to segment the workday. Not only are games impressive to many clients that visit but having a break to play during the work day has benefits such as employees taking shorter breaks and traveling shorter distances to take them; feeling positive, and having good things to say about their place of employment.

Most people work one third of their day at the office and many of these trends are helping employees to feel comfortable, proud and relaxed in their workplace. WDI Group’s office design team in Toronto assists business owners and property managers to create modern spaces that work toward an improved working environment that is beautiful and sustainable. We invite you to contact us for more information at, 1-888-304-3114.