At WDI Group, our team of sustainable interior office design professionals combine aesthetics with functionality to design exceptional offices in a responsible way. We design workplace interiors with standards that meet or exceed industry expectations. Using innovative solutions, we create interior designs that work toward an improved and greener environmental footprint, while lowering a client’s costs. 

Office Interior Designs for Efficiency

While each project is different, at its core sustainable design incorporates highly efficient systems that minimize waste, thereby providing long-term savings, lower environmental impact, and improved employee well-being. Our office interior designers handle projects from inception to completion, bringing your vision of an ideal work space to fruition.

Our team at WDI Group takes an integrated and collaborative approach toward design, allowing us to understand your unique needs, aesthetic preferences, and other parameters, while working within your budget.

Sustainable Design
Energy-efficient office spaces are realized with consideration for heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration. Numerous items are considered, including window size, office plan, occupancy sensors, eco-friendly lighting, low-flow faucets, energy star appliances, as well as many others.

Bringing Design to Life
Following the evaluation of the overall environment, workflow, team, and technology, comprehensive 3D renderings are generated along with customized office design layouts. 

Our interior designers handle all material choices, ordering, communication with suppliers, as well as organizing the installation. Materials in use have an environmental impact that stretches from the manufacturing process to the landfill.  We also monitor the progress, paperwork, quality, and cost of construction, contracts administration, and preparation of reports for clients.


At WDI Group we are familiar with LEED, SCS Indoor Advantage™ Certification, and other environmental standards. We proudly work with products that meet BIFMA e3 Furniture Sustainability Standard, Level Certification, and Cradle to Cradle Certification wherever possible. We are constantly training to keep ahead of the constant development in this field, while being committed to ongoing research and staff education. Contact us today!