Are Office Renovations Tax Deductible in Canada?

newly renovated office space

Office renovations play a crucial role in creating a productive and inspiring work environment for businesses. If you’re a business owner in Canada, you might be wondering whether the costs associated with office renovations are tax deductible?

Designing a Staff Kitchen: Creating a Functional and Inspiring Workplace

sleek modern office kitchen

As a business owner or manager, you know that keeping your employees happy and motivated is essential for the success of your company. And while salaries, benefits, and work-life balance are all important factors in achieving this goal, there is another aspect that you might overlook: the office kitchen.

Office Amenities that Staff Value for Today’s Work Environment

Office Amenities that Staff Value for Today’s Work Environment

In today’s modern workplace, employee satisfaction and engagement are more important than ever. The success of a company often depends on the happiness and productivity of its employees, and one of the key factors that can impact this is the office amenities provided.

How to Account for Tenant Improvement Allowance?

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The tenant improvement allowance (TIA) is a valuable, yet often overlooked, resource for business owners to improve their office design and furnishings to boost their team’s productivity, collaboration and morale. How?

Do You Have to Pay Back Tenant Improvement Allowance?

Office renovation involving tenant improvement work

Tenant improvement allowance (TIA) is a common feature in a commercial real estate lease agreement. Tenant improvement allowances are when a landlord provides funding to the tenant to make improvements or modifications to the leased space.

Feasibility Studies for Design Build Projects

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A critical stage in construction project management is the planning phase, which involves a feasibility study. Feasibility studies involve a thorough analysis of all the important aspects of a proposed project in order to determine its overall viability and identify potential pitfalls.

What is a Hybrid Office Model?

Hybrid workplace, innovative and beautiful meeting room that is well-designed

A hybrid office model balances in-person work at a physical office with the ability for staff to work remotely in certain circumstances. Hybrid offices allow for greater flexibility and work / life balance for workers, without losing the benefits of in-person communication and collaboration.

What Do Offices in 2023 Look Like?

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Offices in 2023 are dramatically different from what we saw just a few years ago. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and rise of remote working, many businesses have had to adapt their operations and find technology-driven solutions.