Investigative Engineering

WDI Group provides in-depth Investigative engineering services to a wide range of industries including insurance, legal, and risk management. Investigative engineering services help to determine causes, origin, and overall scope of property loss after a catastrophic event. 

With experience in many investigative areas including fire, explosion, water, corrosion, structural failure, electrical related, mechanical failure, metallurgical failure, human error and more, you can be sure that WDI Group will identify causes of loss and fulfill the needs of the investigation.  

Typical investigative engineering projects consist of: 

  • An in-depth site visit to examine the condition of the structure 
  • Measurements and photographs of the site in question 
  • Collection of any physical evidence on the site 
  • Sampling and testing programs to determine cause (if required) 
  • A full report of the findings of the investigation, including conclusions 

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