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Whether you are looking to transform a dated office space or create an entirely new one, you can rely on the team at WDI Group to give you the functionality and style that you need. In designing an office space, it is best to consider your company’s business strategy and how your team can be most productive. Designing ergonomic, functional workspaces is part of the process, but so too is ensuring that other features like electronic connections, lighting and so forth are all positioned to maximize productivity.

We do not believe in boring, cookie-cutter designs. Each business is unique and has its own unique requirements. For example, certain businesses work best with large open spaces for collaboration while others require more private spaces in order to maintain client confidentiality. Some businesses require bright colours and funky office furniture that conveys an image of edginess and creativity, while others need to be more conservative in their approach to convey a sense of calm.

Our office interior designers will ensure that your space is both functional and stylish in order to best reflect your company’s culture and brand. Everything from the floor plan, to workspaces, and meeting rooms are meticulously planned in order to make the best possible use of your space. We finish by incorporating just the right colour schemes, motifs and accessories to create a look that is chic, modern and professional.

What to expect from an office interior designer

Creating a space that is inviting and stylish is important, but there is much more to office interior design. The space must be functional in order to maximize your productivity and your profitability. That is why each and every design starts with a needs assessment between you and one of our expert designers. This allows us to understand your space requirements as well as your budget.

Our designers then draw up schematics and work closely with our contractors to ensure that everything is according to plan and will be suitable for your business.

Why choose WDI Group for your office interior design?

At WDI Group, we have been designing office space for companies of all types and sizes for more than 40 years. Our reputation throughout the GTA and Golden Horseshoe Region is impeccable. We offer complete service from design to construction or renovation. This means, you won’t have to spend additional time and money sourcing other professionals such as architects, engineers and contractors. We have them all in-house!

When you are running a business, time is money. The sooner that you can get your employees into their new workspace, the more productive – and profitable – your business can be. At WDI Group, we are proud to provide the highest quality workmanship through both the design and build phases of the project. And offering the best in customer service is among our highest priorities.

No matter what your vision for your office interior design is, we invite you to contact us for a consultation. Find out why so many others have entrusted their interior design vision to us!

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