Construction of commercial projects is highly dependent on accurate budgeting and efficient construction scheduling. From when the first workers arrive on the site, to when the last workers leave, the construction phase of a project is where projects go right or wrong. This is the critical time to have an experienced team like WDI Group working on the project. 

Complete Office Renovations

Complete office renovations by WDI Group starts with understanding your needs and wants and flows into an analysis of your space and systems. Next an observation of how your team works together is made, which allows for the creation of a design plan that is tailored to your exact needs.

Construction Budgeting

Construction budgeting provides a highly accurate estimate of all expenses related to the construction project, allowing for smooth coordination and cost certainty.

Construction Project Closeout

WDI Group ensures that your construction project closeout is smooth and loose ends are tied up, handing over a completed project.

Construction Project Start-Up

The construction project start-up phase ensures that your project starts with all the necessary permits, parameters, scope, and contracts in place. A proper project start-up will set the pace for the entire project.

Construction Scheduling

Construction scheduling will ensure that your project is on time and will help to avoid any challenges or production bottlenecks.

General Construction

General construction for commercial, industrial, and corporate construction projects, WDI Group ensures your construction project will be delivered on-time and on-budget.

New Build

New build projects are as unique as your business. WDI Group ensures that your new build is to your exact specifications, while reducing timelines, and increasing the overall quality from start to finish.

Project Health and Safety

WDI Group is an accredited member of ContractorCheck, committing to health and safety protocols for all clients and contractors.

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