Project Description


Location: Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Size: 17,800 sq. ft.

Emerson is a leading technology and automation solutions provider operating since 1890, and founded in St. Louis, Missouri. Now known for solving the most complex industrial, agricultural, and global challenges through technology and ingenious engineering, Emerson’s focus is on automation, data collection, manufacturing, and innovation of industrial and consumer level products.

Emerson’s Brantford, Ontario location was in need of upgrading to better utilize their current work space, while allowing for employees to be more efficient. As a long-time and highly trusted partner to Emerson, WDI Group was once again called to help with the interior design of the building. WDI Group immediately set out with a high efficiency space plan, and jumped right into the demolition. The flooring in the space was upgraded, walls removed and added, and new paint was selected and applied. Each workstation also received an upgrade with all new Artopex workstations being assembled and installed in the space.

Key Areas:

  • Interior design
  • Construction management
  • Glass walls
  • New furniture (workstations only)