Working 9 to 5 no longer happens in the corporate world. The modern age has changed our work schedule. We spend a lot of time in the office sitting at our desks and having our eyes glued to our computer screens.  Yes, while most of us work remote, sometimes the need for collaboration with our colleagues is required or perhaps we feel inspired to work at the office rather than bringing work home. As a result, breakout areas are growing in popularity and are a hot commodity in today’s office environment.  Many companies have acknowledged this shift in work schedules and are finding ways to encourage staff  to step away from their desks and take a break while also complying with health and safety laws.

A visually appealing work environment is highly valued among staff.  All companies want their employees to be in top shape and perform at their best.  Breakout areas promote well being and allow staff to maintain a healthy mindset while creating a fluid environment. Working in a flexible environment is a win/win situation for all.

Here are some highly sought-after ideas to keep in mind when designing a breakout area:


man on couch

Collaborative zones

Whether you are expressing thoughts by writing on drawing boards or sitting down with a group of colleagues, relaxed environments encourage people to engage, be creative and to share.  Employees need laid back areas to collaborate and brainstorm.  Stepping away from your desk and going for a coffee or tea break can help improve wellness and well being while at work.  Let’s not forget that creating a culture of on-going learning goes hand in hand with today’s business model.  Having breakout areas encourages this type of business practice where people gather and collaborate.  Stretching the boundaries of your firm by creating these environments helps to advance your organization in ways never thought possible when working with a team.  Read more about it here.

Flexible and soft seating furniture

Free flowing furniture that can adapt to any work space removes areas of isolation and separation.  Logiflex offers fun alternatives to relaxed office seating and furniture. Check out their Infiniti Collection here.  With so many styles and selections to choose from, you can configure the furniture to suit whatever your room preference is and change it up again in a matter of seconds.   Wall nooks or individual pods are also a growing trend and create quiet areas for people when they want to concentrate on work without encountering any distractions from their colleagues.

Family rooms

Who doesn’t want a family room at work?  This creates the obvious appeal of having a home away from home.  Some family rooms come fully equipped with game tables, leather chairs and even a snack bar if you’re feeling a little peckish or if you need a sugar jolt to perk you up during the day.  By incorporating ample lighting and bright colours in these areas, it helps to boosts the overall mood and increase the flow of energy.

Whether you are working with a small or large office space, these benefits will outweigh the costs when designing a staff breakout area.  Talk to one of our designers today and see the difference one simple change can make with your biggest investment… your staff.  Our consultants are waiting to hear from you.  Call today 1-888-304-3114.