Who wouldn’t want to stay at these hotels?  WDI Group constructed these spaces with our clients in mind to ensure a good design, low maintenance and of course product durability.  But it goes a little beyond that.  Over the years, we’ve enjoyed the number of hospitality projects we’ve been involved with.  Each one presenting itself with different opportunities for us to quickly adapt to with unexpected changes and to work seamlessly with the teams involved every step of the way.  We understand that client satisfaction goes full circle especially when working with the hotel service industry.  The end user is always top of mind which means guest comfort and convenience are priority number one.  The service industry is a highly competitive market and the general contractor/designer you decide to go with should see this as an important factor.  At WDI Group, we aim to provide the same 5-star quality service with our clients as they do with their guests.  When undergoing hotel renovations two audiences should be considered: the client and hotel guests.  Maximizing on high room occupancy is imperative for your client.  As a result, hotels are usually still operating while under construction.  This means service providers must be in top form to provide superior quality service to their client as well as hotel visitors.

Hotel Office

The Hospitality Client

Hotel properties are a big investment and typically require major renovations ranging from a 7-10 year cycle.  As long as there are travelers, the hotel industry will always be in business.  Therefore, it is important to ensure cost control procedures are put in place while maintaining the quality of work for the property.

Here are some things to consider when working with your client on hotel renovations:

–          Have a clear vision and objective for the project and ensure that all parties involved are aware of these parameters so there are no surprises

–          Continuous communication; this is important as there are many changes that can occur during a lengthy renovation project

–          Define timelines, budget and quality of the project

–          Establish a comprehensive schedule that will coincide with operations and construction to ensure a smooth transition for guests who are staying at the hotel while renovations are taking place

–          Involve qualified contractors and project management teams who not only have the experience with hospitality but the resources necessary to meet project timelines and budget while dealing with unexpected changes

–          Most importantly, as the selected contractor know that your goal is to provide the end user (ie guests) with a superior experience so that your client’s property will be the hotel of choice for future stays. Everything you do should support that overall mission.

Once these initiatives are put into place, your designer/general contractor should have a clear understanding from a visitor’s perspective.  A memorable trip always goes hand in hand with the traveller’s accommodations and reflects on not only the hotel but you as the service provider.  A positive and memorable stay will result in a longstanding business relationship offering future opportunities.


Hotel Lounge


The Visitor Experience

With today’s hospitality standards, travellers are looking for value, style and comfort.  These are all important factors for travellers who are looking for a bit of the home comforts when they are away.

As you work with your clients on renovating their hotel, keep in mind the following to ensure their guest’s stay is a positive one:

–          Keep the work zone and guest areas separate and clearly defined: Work processes should be designed to avoid interaction between guests and operations; do not permit guests in a work zone or contractors in guest zones

–          Quality, quality, quality! Showcase the best of your services and capabilities through your workmanship and professionalism – whether it’s a revamp or redesign suites, lobbies, recreation facilities, conference rooms and washrooms, the end result of the space should be nothing short of spectacular and will guarantee return visits to the hotel and your clients will consider you for future projects…it all comes full circle!

By being mindful of these 2 audiences, this will help to strengthen your brand as a reputable firm in the hospitality market.  Whether your project involves renovations, a facility conversion or redesign, our dedicated hospitality construction specialists are in tune to deliver on your specific project needs.  Call us today 1-888-304-3114.