Trends in Corporate Interiors: View from the Inside – High-Profile

Workspaces for a New Generation

Office design in Toronto has been evolving to meet the work requirements of a new generation of employee. These employees are considered more productive in cafes and lounges rather than the closed cubicles and repetitive work stations of the past. Changes in work styles, mobile technology and the introduction of Millennials (employees born in the 80’s and 2000); have created a market for office design in Toronto that is making perimeter office space disappear. New design concepts are opening interior design and renovation to trendy breakout areas, adaptable furniture and sustainable, laid-back interiors, to support creative focus and teamwork.

The new generation of employee differs from their senior colleagues. They require less privacy and consider themselves collaborators. Offices with open spaces for informal meetings, expansive glass walls with city views, natural light and sustainable building materials are growing in popularity. Employee costs are one, if not the largest expense, for companies and the comfort of employees is the ultimate bottom line when it comes to promoting productivity. It’s a strategy that makes sense for any company considering design or renovation for their business. The Millennial generation will be the dominant employee group in ten years and the design decisions made today will have a lasting impact in the years to come. With the new generation in mind some considerations include:

Activity Based Working

The new generation of employee requires more work zones to promote productivity and more variety of places to work throughout the day. The new generation of employee does not work as well with high opaque walls and confinement to their desk. Rather, Millennials thrive as collaborators and new office design is seeing floor space used for personal workspaces diminishing.

Juice Plus Office

According to the global technology research firm Gartner Group, new surveys are showing that it’s typical to spend only 40% of the time at a desk, and non-group tasks have decreased to only about 20% of the work day. When looking at Award Winning office design concepts, you can see these design requirements being made reality for businesses on the edge of innovation and creative design to accommodate the transition in generations in the workplace.

Smaller Workplaces

Another key factor in shrinking personal workspaces is that technology is getting smaller and the need for space is diminishing. Flat screen monitors do not require desk depth, space for document piling is becoming obsolete in an age of cloud-based file sharing, and more employees are away from their desk, collaborating, telecommuting and meeting with clients and colleagues. Using smaller devices such as iPads and Smartphones in workplace lounges and cafes is becoming increasingly commonplace. According to CoreNet Global In 2001 the average personal workspace allotted was 300 square feet per worker. By 2010, it was down to 225 square feet and in 2012 it dropped to 176 square feet per employee. It has been predicted to go as low as 100 in only a few years.

Efficient design however, is not about decreasing space; it’s about utilizing space to achieve the most effective result.

Customized Office Design

Office design is about more than the age of the average employee. A customized approach takes the unique requirements of the business in mind to produce office design that is efficient and effective for communication and productivity. The building team will look at factors such as the client’s industry, corporate culture, market, demographics, recruitment and retention to determine what kind of tasks the company addresses on a frequent basis, what kind of relationships they have with their customers and how their employees work together. Combined, the goal is to design a modern, beautiful office that results in overall workplace satisfaction while adhering to budgets, core company values and providing sustainable office design in Toronto that continues to work for the business for years after design and renovation has been realized.

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