Can you come up with an office wall feature design for us? This question is frequently asked by our clients and we love helping them to develop innovative design ideas to refresh their office space.  Tying in the company brand and colours really creates an impact and that wow factor too!  Wall designs are all the rage in today’s office trends.  It is an easy way to create a focal point and a sense of purpose in different areas of your offices.

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Since we’ve been receiving a lot of requests about this topic, we decided to round up our top 3 hottest office wall feature designs:

Wall Cladding

Whether you are looking for wood panels, bricks, tiles or geometric stone design anything is better than a plain old white wall.  What better way to make your walls “speak” than adding some dramatic visual interest?  There are many great ideas to choose from.  Just remember to choose one that suits your business and budget.  If that’s not enough, consider doing a curved wall?  The possibilities are endless.

Motivational Quotes

Have you ever read an inspiring quote that compelled you to move forward in life with purpose and alignment? That’s called an uplifting moment and many companies are creating productive work spaces by injecting words of wisdom into their offices.  According to some experts, it has been shown that stimulating employees with visuals like business quotes and expressions helps to increase productivity .

Live Walls

Going back to my first point, everyone is getting on the eco-conscious train and wanting to bring the outdoors inside.  This by far is one of my most favourite office wall features.  There are many different plant species to choose from and depending on the plants, it can also help to purify the office air.  How refreshing! Green truly is beautiful!

Not sure what to decide on?  Check out our project gallery for more designs.  Or better yet, speak to our consultants who are ready answer your questions. Call for a free estimate 1-888-304-3114.