It’s official – the Pantone Colour Institute has announced Ultra Violet as colour of the year.  Be prepared to see violet everywhere! In the malls, clothing, shoes and advertisements.  Violet brings a dramatic, bold and regal yet mysterious quality when used in a space.  I have to agree with Leatrice Eisman, Director of the Pantone Colour Institute when she states, “we are living in a time that requires inventiveness and creation…”  My interpretation of her statement is that we are in a world that has evolved like it never has before, especially in the last decade.  We are all coexisting energy.  Young, old and everything in between, this energy has catapulted us into another realm of existence that is redefining us as people and an overall society.  Things are changing faster than they ever have been before.  These changes are creating new ways in how we think, how we work and how we manage our everyday lives.  Life as we know it, is reinventing itself and it is getting harder and harder to get ahead of the curve.  In comes the colour, violet.  Not only is it a time for change but for all of us to get creative!

Purple as some call it, has also been associated with royalty, wealth and nobility over the years.   For Christians, priests wear purple stoles at mass to signify Advent and the birth of Christ.  This of course, also symbolizes a very special event each year that we all look forward to – Christmas!  Yet somehow, purple is also seen as a mystical and powerful colour, holding a magical quality which makes it a well-liked hue for creative individuals.  Purple used in accent furniture looks unique and sharp when complemented with a neutral office environment.  It would be fun to use as a backsplash feature in your staff cafeteria or maybe some funky lighting over the island!  If you already have violet in your logo than that is just a purely ingenious design!  What products can you think of that have purple logos?  There are plenty…the power of branding!

city at night


As I mentioned in a previous article, colour evokes a sense of feeling and we often associate these emotions with events or memorable parts of our life.  If you and your friends like to go for an evening stroll to catch some city sights and sounds, you will notice large architectural buildings showing off their architectural curves or highlighting a façade using featured lighting.  Sometimes this lighting can be seen being projected in a purple hue.  Using this shade at night time creates an ambience for passersby – perfect for night time selfie moments to post on your social media!

As with most bold colours, be careful not to overdo it.  Depending on how often it is being repeated in some areas, it can also make spaces look very dingy and dark – consult with your interior designer or your team before trying it.  It is a good general rule of thumb to carefully plan where you want to place bold coloured objects before going ahead it with the idea.

ceramic colours

Here are few ways to incorporate violet into your office design:


  • Repaint a  wall and turn into a feature wall; looks great near a reception or lobby area


  • Lavender, Violets or Allium or just a few ideas; these arrangements would look stunning in clear glass or white vases

Accents and Accessories

  • Why not add a pop of colour using violet desk dividers or acoustic panels (we carry acoustic panels in a variety of colours and sizes by the way!)
  • Violet chairs and rugs would add a nice pop of colour

Incorporate some pizzazz into your workplace and let your staff feel energized!  Speak to one of our consultants at 1-888-304-3114 or if in you are in the Toronto area, pass by our offices – we would love to have an office design chat with you!

church at night