Interior Finishes

WDI Group provides interior finishes to complete new projects or renovations, allowing for a completely new feeling to interior spaces.  

Office Furniture
Modern, ergonomic and high-end office furniture is carried and offered by WDI Group at fair pricing.  

Commercial Furniture
WDI Group carries durable commercial furniture, such as lounge couches, tables, chairs, or other furniture that may be in commercial spaces such as hotels, restaurants, and high-traffic commercial businesses. 

Electrical Wiring & Data Cabling
Neat and tidy data cabling and electrical wiring goes a long way, especially in data-centres and server-rooms. All the cabling and required parts are installed where required, neatly and clearly labeled 

Window Treatments
Security treatments, privacy windows, tinting, or even corporate colours and decals, WDI Group designs and installs all window treatments. 

Glass Wall Partitions
More popular than ever, glass partition walls are a great way to add privacy to a space while keeping an ‘open-concept’ feeling. Glass partition walls also allow more natural light in the space, leading to a more positive environment. 

Sound Suppression and Acoustic Panel Installation
The engineering of sound suppression through acoustic treatments can be achieved by experts with strategic panel installation throughout a space, drastically dropping the volume of background drone, noise, and conversations. From quieting a loud kitchen area, to building sound suppressed rooms, WDI Group can do it all.

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