Construction of commercial projects is highly dependent on accurate budgeting and efficient construction scheduling. From when the first workers arrive on the site, to when the last workers leave, the construction phase of a project is where projects go right or wrong. This is the critical time to have an experienced team like WDI Group working on the project. 

Construction Budgeting
Highly accurate construction budgeting is a core component to any construction project. WDI Group ensures that all costs are anticipated and budgeted for at the onset of a project, allowing for all expenses of the building process to be tracked. 

Construction Scheduling
An efficient and logical construction schedule allows for smooth construction projects, as well as clear milestones with start and end dates. Ensuring a schedule is realistic and efficient will play a crucial role in the construction project’s success. 

Construction Project Start-up
From the onset of a construction project, WDI Group takes the opportunity to complete a formal project start-up, allowing for the overall project expectations, as well as individual team member expectations, to be set and contain key performance indicators. This way, every team member and stakeholder involved knows what is expected of them and when. 

Construction Management
WDI Group manages all aspects of the construction project, including all trades, contractors, and labourers on site. This streamlines the construction project and allows it to execute quickly and efficiently, while having more control over the work being done on site. 

Construction Project Closeouts
Formal construction project closeouts are a final phase of projects that allow for ensuring that all work was completed up to standards and obligations within the project contract.  The job site is cleaned up, waste disposed of, and ensuring that all relevant documents are turned over to the owner. This document turnover also includes all financial documentation for the project, organized and ready for final hand-off. A proper construction project closeout gives the owner peace of mind knowing that the job has been done properly, up to code, and is fully transparent.

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