Commercial Interior Design

At WDI Group, we offer a full suite of commercial interior design services starting from conception right through to the final finishes and furnishings.

Commercial interior design is quite different from residential design. It typically deals with much larger spaces, needs to safely accommodate larger numbers of people and needs to consider different types of functionality. Nevertheless, the design needs to be inviting and pleasing to the eye and geared toward creating financial gain for the business.

Examples of spaces that require commercial interior design are restaurants, hotel lobbies, retail spaces, libraries, doctor officescountry clubs and more. Whether the project is a small retail space, a mega shopping centre or anything in between, it is up to the designer to collaborate with the business owner in order to create a space that is practical and profitable – and of course beautiful.

What to expect from a commercial interior designer

The role of a commercial interior designer is to create a design that prioritizes public safety and functionality without sacrificing style. For example, a high-end shopping centre needs to accommodate a large number of shoppers in order to be profitable. At the same time, however, it needs to appear spacious and luxurious.

Our WDI commercial designers are qualified to incorporate all the necessary elements to ensure the space is functional, stylish as well as safe and up to code.

WDI interior designers are involved in the entire process, from inception to completion, and we work alongside contractors and make decisions concerning details such as lighting, flooring, window placement and more.

Your designer will also draw up schematics and select materials. Once the actual structure is complete, your designer will transform the space choosing just the right colour schemes, furnishes, and artwork that will be sure to wow you.

Why choose WDI for your commercial interior design?

WDI has been specializing in commercial interior design in the GTA – Toronto and Golden Horseshoe Region for more than 40 years. Our team of highly skilled designers, architects, engineers and contractors offer one-stop shopping for both design and construction services so you can be confident that there will be seamless communication throughout the entire process.

We begin with an assessment of your needs and budget. Immediately following your needs assessment, we can commence with engineering and architectural drawings, permits, and construction. There is no need to spend precious time that could be spent on your renovation sourcing other professionals. This results in your project not only being completed on time. With our WDI Group process, you will have significant cost savings to you and your business.

And our commitment to quality? It is unsurpassed! We work with our customers to ensure that every design is aligned with the business goals of our customers. We are committed to providing the highest level of value and design.

To learn more about our commercial interior design services, contact us today.

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