Structural Engineering 

Structural engineering projects carried out by WDI Group focus on the framework and design of a structure to withstand stress and pressure from the environment and use, while remaining safe, stable, and secure. Structural engineering is critical for new builds and major renovations alike. Ensuring that renovations do not compromise the structural integrity of a building is a critical element to any renovation project. Accidental removal of load-bearing walls have catastrophic consequences, so any opening of space must be well planned to ensure that the structure remains structurally safe.  

Structural Engineering for Renovations

The same goes for any additional interior features or major renovations to an existing structure, especially if it’s older. Anything added must be within the limits of the structural strength, or additional strength must be added to support extra load safely. Before any major projects begin, be sure to consult with an experienced structural engineer, such as those available at WDI Group, to ensure that any new build or renovation is structurally sound and safe.  

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