Electrical Design

Electrical design for buildings entails the planning, installation, and testing of a buildings electrical systems. Electrical design may be as simple as the wiring required for power around an office space, or as complex as fiber optic, networking, backup power, and security system wiring. 

The electrical design and development process first starts with the creation of a clear project scope. The project scope is a critical part of the electrical design process, as each building has its own unique requirements and challenges. Whether it’s an old building being renovated, upgraded, or even a new build, a project scope is an essential piece of the project. 

Once the project scope is understood, the electrical designer can define each component in the project as per industry standard, such as fuse panel design, general office areas, machinery floors, power distribution systems, back-up systems and life support, and more.

What is Included in an Electrical Design?

A typical electrical design project for a new office usually consists of the following: 

  • General Electrical Requirements 
  • Standard 120v outlets 
  • Electrical Distribution Systems 
  • Panels and wiring 
  • Lighting Systems 
  • Lighting fixtures & controls 
  • Specialized Electrical Provisions 
  • Special circuitry for vending machines, copiers, servers, etc. 
  • Backup power and systems 

The electrical plan design is the next step in the electrical design process. The plans will reference electric symbols using ANSI standardized building plans, allowing for cost estimation and construction to be a straightforward process. This formal plan is commonly presented in the following order: 

  • Exterior electrical plan 
  • Interior electrical plan 
  • Interior lighting plan 
  • Supporting documentation & diagrams 

Your specific electrical design needs may vary. Contact the WDI Group today for a quote on your electrical design project. 

Cost of Electrical Design

The cost of electrical design is completely dependent on the size and complexity of the project. Every project has its’ own unique set of circumstances that must be considered. Contact WDI Group to get the conversation started about your electrical design needs.

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