Architectural Design

WDI Group are experts in Architectural Design, working with space and design elements to create a consistent and functional structure that clients are proud of. Areas of expertise within architectural design includes: 

Architectural Feasibility Studies
Allows for all structural and design elements of a proposed project to be explored for viability. 

Electrical Design
Plans for electrical wiring, lighting, telecommunications infrastructure, as well as other electrical equipment. 

Life Safety Design
Plans for fire and gas alarms, fire suppression and ventilation systems, escape passages and exits, as well as back-up power and emergency controls and overrides. 

Structural Engineering
Structural Engineering services are focused on the design and strength of structures, to be able to withstand load and stresses in a safe, stable, and secure manner. 

Investigative Engineering
Unbiased investigations of property loss, as well as quality origin and cause investigations. 

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