Fashion and design trends run like clockwork and it has been often said that everything comes back into style eventually.  With an office environment, trends and style seem to be determined by who is working in the space.  Office layouts and work culture have evolved in different ways in recent years.  Since the advent of mobile technology, the digital world has played a large role in these significant changes to our work environment.  It’s clear, we won’t be seeing any office trends returning to the way they used to be anytime soon.

Most designers are creating workspaces that offer flexibility to provide various spaces for staff to collaborate or to have privacy and overall promote movement throughout the day.  A well-designed workplace should be able to change easily and shift as business warrants it.  In recent years, we have seen how offices that offer flexibility in layout and space will become an essential component in the design.  Making selective choices with office furniture and having a flexible office design will ensure your team will be working harmoniously, productively and efficiently well into the future.

Here are some upcoming trends we will be seeing more of:

Modular Furniture Designs

Smart office furniture will include modular furniture units which include soft seating, workbenches, desk pods, collaborative and breakout furniture.  Accessories which include acoustic panels will be used widely especially in open office concept areas.

Bringing the Outside Inside

With the flexibility of working remote or working longer hours at the office, employees seek either the comfort of home or bringing an element of wellness into their workspace.  Living walls and floral arrangements bring a sense of wellbeing and health into a work environment.  The use of neutral colours and incorporating natural elements into walls and floors is in high demand with office materials.

Designated Lounge and Meeting Areas

People are looking for comfortable work zones which can stimulate effective collaboration in a relaxed environment.  Some organizations are making lounge areas a business requirement make working more enjoyable.

Office Organized by Colour

Studies have shown that if bright colours are placed in strategic areas of workspace it can boost one’s productivity, creativity and eagerness to get things done. More offices are integrating splashes of bright colours into their walls and even in their office furniture making the workspace lively and energetic.

Group collaborating in office

Flexibility in the workspace is highly valued in office design today.  Some businesses come and go.  Small companies grow into different companies or become larger.  Whatever the case may be, the business world is changing and changing for good. The need for permanent office layouts may become a thing of the past.

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