Kasian – Inspired Design Firm on the Edge of Architectural Technology

Through design we shape our lives. Through design we can make right what is wrong in our communities.

Powerful and inspired statements make perfect sense when they are coming from Kasian, a leader in Canadian commercial interior design. The firm’s core is built around inspired thinking and recognizing that design excellence creates meaningful connections between people and places, and a deeper understanding of the world around us.

While their design nurtures the human condition through the balance of form, function and context, they are also at the forefront of technological trends in architecture. The firm, operating out of five cities in Canada, and worldwide, creates a result that is stunning, efficient and truly inspiring.

Kasian’s Workplace Interior Design

Kasian has a number of specialties, but this area stands out. Kasian understands the changing landscape of the workplace, and that the office is more than just a place to work. Workspaces are being designed for collaboration, inspiration; to stimulate corporate responsibility and sustainability.

“Effective workplaces are about incubation, interaction, and attraction.”-Kasian

Kasian understands the modern workplace and with expert office designers Carol Jones, Crystal Graham and Dean Matsumoto, the specialists utilize proven strategic consultation, planning and implementation to achieve stunning and superior interiors and buildings. Their design attracts emerging talent, builds culture and encourages excellence.

Kasian Designs APEGA –Association of Professional Engineers + Geoscientists of Alberta

An example of Kasian’s dedication to discovering the identity and culture of the workplace, and implementing design concepts that attract and complement the employee is seen through their work with APEGA, a company of geoscientists and engineers that now have an office that reflects their passions as well as their core values.

Through surveys and interviews Kasian conducted pre-design and design work to develop a plan that was representative, effective, healthy and comfortable for the APEGA team. Kasian worked with APEGA to develop space standards to promote a new way of working. This process included visiting various locations to determine the best fit, and to examine current furniture to discover cost-saving opportunities through repurposing.

The result was represented on all three floors of the workplace. A private staircase connects all levels and inspiring, custom and existing furniture, is integrated throughout the 40, 000 square foot space.

Kasian’s Business Information Modeling (BIM) Technology

In addition to being inspired, Kasian is also on the cusp on industry innovation. For over a decade, their technology includes investment and re-investment in Business Information Modelling tools, and being early adopters of technology that delivers advanced high performance buildings including reality and parametric design.

Kasian’s BIM technologies in particular are advanced. They improve project delivery and bring high value. Business Information Modelling is used to create 3D images to enhance communication with clients, contractors and the public. As long-time users of BIM technologies, Kasian is well positioned as a company that has a proven track record of delivering projects that exceed expectation as BIM becomes the mainstream interior design solution.

Business Information Modelling includes a number of fascinating components including Reality Capture, Clash Detection and Sustainable Design, to name a few. Kasian’s Sustainable Design component provides analysis on: sun, wind, climate, local topography and geography and utilizes the elements to blend design strategy with meeting sustainability targets.

Kasian work on The Child Development Centre at The University of Calgary is considered a great success, as the building has qualified as a LEED Platinum building (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and is the only cold climate building in the world with this designation.

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