The magic of colour can evoke one’s mood or personality.  Bright colours are said to bring liveliness into an environment and create synergy within a team work environment.  Muted colours can bring a sense of calm or tranquility in a setting ideal for rest and relaxation.  Whatever colour you select for your next corporate interior design project it should reflect your company’s branding but also the people that represent your organization.  For your next paint project, opt out of the boring one dimensional flat palettes and add a little brilliance by incorporating metallic paint to your workspace adding depth and interest to your office space.

Metallic Paints have often been a perfect go-to for designers looking at industrial applications for corporate interiors.  However, with the change of work environments becoming more open concept and collaborative, the use of metallic paints are widely available in an ample range of colour palettes to be used anywhere in your corporate office interior or workspace environment.  We are seeing more metallic paints being used in commercial design as it can add the perfect colour statement in designated work/business areas.  The beauty of metallic paint is that you can make the colour fit in with your design as you see fit.  If you want the colour to be bold you can it sparingly to create a dramatic effect or to create a feature wall.  Using metallic paint creatively can contribute to making your space looking bright, relaxing or energising.  You may also want to highlight a permanent architectural fixture that could use a good coat of paint to give it a more updated look.  Whatever your interior design inspirations are, it can be used in your lobby, offices, boardroom and common areas.   Anything can be updated with a little bit of paint and imagination.

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Metallic office paint

Here are some reasons why you should consider metallic paint for your next project:

Cost-effective and versatile

Metallic paint is not only fun but cost-effective.  Instead of undergoing the costs of a full office fit-out or renovation why not try to repaint it or if you want more impact paint all the walls.  It is versatile to use and can be put anywhere you want to see colour – floors, walls, ceilings and even your favourite fixture that needs a fresh coat of paint or an entirely different look. Metallic paint has come a long way than just repainting a gray fixture, garbage can or stairway railing.  If you are looking to stretch your budget and not sure about wanting to invest in an expensive renovation consider metallic paint.  You will be amazed with the results.  High impact low budget.

When looking at Metallic Paint in Commercial Interiors,  you can see that by carefully selecting your colours for your design scheme can make such an impact and create that “wow factor”.

Great way to incorporate your brand and corporate colours

Metallic paints are packed with a little bit of extra personality vs. flat paint which in most cases can be plain, boring and one dimensional.  Many organizations incorporate their company colours into their work environment.  This is perfect for your branding strategy and creates unity within the work environment.


Instead of looking to upgrade on renovating your walls or ceilings consider using metallic paint.  Good quality metallic paint for commercial use can last a very long time.  It’s performance and durability can last a long time and if with very little maintenance which means it’s virtually worry-free.

Create high impact

What better way to recycle a new feature in your lobby or cafeteria than using a bold colour to highlight the features of a wall or ceiling? Injecting colour into a wall feature or ceiling can help make things stand out and create interest and depth to those passing by.  We are all drawn to colour and depending on the day it evokes an emotion.  You can dramatically improve the appearance of a work environment which can benefit employees.  Recycle something old by painting it new with metallic paint.

Increase productivity and work flow

Studies have show that injecting colour into a work environment can increase motivation, improve the mood of your staff and increase productivity.


Understanding your staff needs can be helpful to incorporate the best colours in your work areas. If you have a people who are easily distracted or high-charged, choose soft colours or pale hues like a soft green or calming blue to relax this high energy group.  If you are seeking motivation or inspiration, incorporate brighter colours which can provide more energy.  The right combination of lighting, colours, low-maintenance plants and even adding artwork can create the perfect balance for workspace.

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