Interior Designers that have Designed their Own Workplace

It’s fascinating when interior designers create their own workplaces, and for the designers, it’s rewarding to invest the skill, inspiration, industry knowledge and expertise to bring a design to fruition that can be enjoyed and relished in, by the entire team. As an office renovations Toronto firm we find this topic exciting and have compiled a list of the few best examples of interior designers creating their own workplaces. The top three include:

  1. Circle Line Interiors, an interior design studio in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

What is immediately striking about this design is the feel of home, and it’s a big trend in the industry right now. More businesses are inquiring about comfortable work places, as employees spend a third of their day in the office. The introduction of smaller devices, has freed up floor space, to make office design cozy with arm chairs, sofas and loungers. Even the dog and dog bed is representative of the growing trend of merging the delights of being at home with working life.

The design concept also includes workspaces with views, as closed cubicles have become near obsolete in modern workplace design. We are also a fan of the long white desk being broken up with lush foliage.

The rest of the office has a few lounge areas that complement the plant-life, wood flooring and great use of natural and artificial lighting to combine comfort with a bright and airy atmosphere. The private house-shaped structure is actually a large kitchen that features a stunning wood table and all the necessities to prepare a mid-day meal or snack without having to leave the office.

The result is earthy and professional; cozy and creative, and no doubt enjoyed by the team at Circle Line Interiors. Original Article can be found here.

Yabu Pushelberg – A Leader in Canadian Interior Design Based in Toronto

Yabu Pushelberg’s office design sets a harmonious balance between sleek, contemporary design and community; with warm wood tables for breaks and work spaces, including a tasteful rendition of the picnic table. The framed pictures on the wall will keep the eyes moving; exploring the space and surroundings.

The working area embraces the rising demand for fewer square feet per employee, as flat screen monitors require less depth, and staff work in groups or on smaller devices more often. The end of the workspace features a table for collaboration.

Modular furniture and custom creation creates variety and seating that complements the building’s original, spacious and strong warehouse foundation. The result is elegant, powerful and modern.

Sid Lee– Design Firm’s Loft Space in the Distillery District, Toronto

Toronto has been re-inventing old spaces to create modern work places for years, and Sid Lee’s creative approach to redesign is the perfect example of how to take an older space such as this heritage building in the Distillery District and to create a workplace that is bright, welcoming and filled with communal spaces and comfortable nooks.

We are especially delighted by the use of space; large numbers of drinking glasses hanging from the ceiling, room for individuals, groups, taking breaks and hosting meetings. The use of colour and contemporary, modular furniture blends old with new. There are a number of custom crafted wood-based creations to divide and break spaces; using white to contrast the older stained-wood effect. The result is a workplace that is fun, innovate, trendy and welcoming.

The office renovations Toronto team at WDI Group is committed to sharing the inspirational work of our likeminded industry professionals and colleagues. Our company provides commercial office design and medical office design in Toronto. For more information contact us at, 1-888-304-3114.