Making a positive and lasting impression is what we all strive for when we want to achieve our business goals by growing our company’s brand and strengthening our reputation in the market. This is especially true for your lobby and reception area where you will want to promote your company and values by putting your best foot forward. Walking through that front door, visitors will experience first-hand what your company is all about. Effective signage displays with your company logo should be strategically placed front and centre. This is your opportunity to promote your company in the best possible way. The lobby area sets the tone for what visitors will expect from your organization.

Let’s remember that your company’s lobby area is not just for your stakeholders and visitors. It is also for your employees to remind them that they are part of a bigger picture and purpose with the organization they work for as they walk through the front doors each day.

There are countless ways we can convey business success and accomplishments starting with whom visitors are greeted by. This is your opportunity to give a great visitor experience and treat them the way you would want to be treated when coming to their office – your chance to win uber hospitality and customer service points starts right here!

Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating an inviting and top-notch reception area:

Professional and friendly staff

This is truly a reflection of your organization and tells prospects a lot about your company culture and structure. Studies have shown that a warm and friendly smile produces a genuine expression of positive emotion and confidence. As a result, your front-line staff is likely to evoke warmth in others with whom they greet. Having a friendly and informative receptionist gives visitors a positive experience and makes them feel comfortable. You can take an extra step by offering your guests a glass of water or a warm beverage. This displays professionalism and provides guests with a good feeling about your company. As the old adage goes, “first impressions are lasting impressions.”

Help to pass the wait time

If your guests are waiting a little longer for their appointment, investing in solid and comfortable office furniture helps to resolve this. There’s nothing worse than sitting in an uncomfortable chair or couch. Sometimes meetings can go on longer than expected.  Informing your visitors that the person they are seeing is running a few minutes behind is always the right thing to do. This is a perfect opportunity to have some of your company brochures or industry magazines out on display. Mounting a TV can also help and having it tuned into the local news channel always provides good information for anyone to glance at. Offer your guests free wi-fi capability and prominently post the password where your visitors can easily view this information. Device plug-ins will also be helpful for your visitors to charge their laptops and phones just in case things get further delayed. Strategically placing plants in different parts of the waiting area is not only aesthetically pleasing but also creates semi-private areas if people are on the phone or checking their messages.

Show off your company’s achievements and awards

Third party endorsement is the best way to show others what people think about your company. Display your accomplishments and awards on a shelf or even post your client’s testimonials. Some companies will have their info and news mounted on custom plaques in a designated area of the lobby for all to see. Showcasing what your company does and how they get involved with the community gives others valuable information and company insight.

office hallway

Whether you have art on display or have a digital sign-in for guests, you are making an impression about your organization. The reception area is where every business day starts off. Create a positive company image by ensuring these essential areas appear effortlessly branded, greets visitors with a smile and sets the tone for the right expectations to ensure a positive visitor experience while inspiring your team to be proud of where they work.

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