Corporate communications strategies are evolving and are spilling over into the world of interior design…yes interior design! Branding isn’t generally a term that comes to mind for most designers but it is being used in conjunction with office spaces to create a collaborative work environment that brings a company’s brand to life.  These days, having a logo placed in the lobby just doesn’t cut it.  Companies need to go beyond and reach out to their audiences more effectively.  Designers are working with organizations to revamp their physical spaces and transform these areas into places of interaction providing visitors with an immersive experience – it’s all about telling your business story through your brand.  There is a lot of interactive technology and smart designs that can transform businesses easily and at an affordable cost.  Companies are digging deep to interact with their audiences through technology going beyond just the rudimentary installation of a company logo or sign.

These elements bring a company story together and can take communications to a whole new level of interacting with our audiences.  By connecting with audiences on-site, they see what your company is all about first-hand.  Whether you are creating a stage platform at the front of your office headquarters like ebay and inviting guest speakers to talk about the latest and greatest on what’s happening in your industry or installing interactive touch screens for your guests to select options from the possibilities are endless.

How we work and where we work has changed over the years – telepresence and the rise of contractors or freelancers will continue to grow and will become the norm in our working world.  This makes it even more important for companies to start looking at their actual work environment and to strengthen their visual and brand identities virtually and within their physical office space.  Companies are literally leading their audiences right into their place of work.  Immersive branding or workplace branding is becoming a mainstay in the business marketplace as it connects people with companies.  Instantly, companies can convey their brand and values to both visitors and staff alike.  Elevating your brand in the workplace makes good use of your property investment and as a result becomes an investment in your staff while giving insight into your company culture.  You are attracting the right audience when you showcase your brand at all points of contact within your workplace.

Nowadays it’s all about making an environment immersive and what better way to do this than to have your audience gather at your very own offices.  This especially works well if your office location is already within a prime business area close to your prospective clients and markets – win/win situation.

It’s also important to point out that this can be adapted for any size organization to overall strengthen your branding strategy.  As mentioned earlier, immersive branding will become a growing trend over the years.  As brands offer more selection, this empowers people to take control and make better decisions tailored to what they feel is important to them.

While there are many, here are some of the key benefits that immersive branding can bring to any organization:

  • Improved client/prospect experience that elevates your business profile by demonstrating company values first-hand
  • Increases levels of staff engagement making your team feel better and proud of where they work
  • Increased productivity and business performance levels
  • Showcasing the very best of your organizations values and company culture

Interactive Whiteboard


For your next office redesign, take a look around your office and ask yourself these questions: Is the work space inspiring? Does it reflect our company values and brand? Does your staff feel energized and connected? Above all, does your office tell your company story?  If you’ve answered all these questions honestly, you might be pleasantly surprised on how quickly and easy it is to achieve these results!  Call us today at 1-888-304-3114.