The principles behind the design/build have stood the tests of time but more recently it has started an industry movement that is growing in popularity as a new alternative for the general contracting and overall construction market.  Generally, we are used to seeing more design/bid/build projects which in most cases can be very time consuming and has been criticized by many that there has to be a better way.  So what is the difference?  The design/bid/build method is when a client hires an architect to perform project design and are expected to produce a full set of plans and specs prior to the start of the project.  Then they put out a bid to different contractors to come up with a price acceptable to the client.  The design-build process turns those separate entities into a collaborative team that tackles the entire project which includes design and construction together.   This process results in consolidating the design and construction phases into one contract.  Clients love this idea as it brings project efficiency and more transparency between the service provider and the client.

The days of design/bid/build may be fading away as industry experts are seeing a rise in more collaborative strategies coming to the forefront for most projects.  Clients are looking to their services providers for more value especially with capital projects and are looking for ways to complete their projects in the most efficient way as possible.  Clients want solutions to their problems but they also want to be involved in the process.  Industry statistics show that chances for overall success with the client increased using design-build over other methods of project delivery.

Many companies enjoy the features of the business model for different reasons.  The primary reason being visibility to the entire project from start to finish.


Here are more reasons to embrace this process:

Single Point of Responsibility

This important factor alone displays a high value for any client.  The client will only need to go to one contact for any project inquiries and concerns

Improved Project Quality

Because the client is signing off on one contract instead of several, everyone has better visibility on the overall project.

Earlier Knowledge of Guaranteed Costs

Understanding costs right from the get-go is imperative and works closer inline with the client’s budget creating a level of trust that a client will value throughout the course of the project.

Overall Cost-savings and Faster Delivery Time

These are all great benefits and most importantly reduces some steps in a somewhat lengthy process.  By eliminating the bidding process this save a significant amount of time.  Not to mention, preparation of site work can start well before the finalization of all building materials.

Some may argue that the design/build projects can result on cost overruns.  To prevent this from happening, always keep close communication with your client to reduce any scope changes or change orders which can add up to final project costs in the end. Team collaboration and continuous communication with your client is vital for the success of this process.  If your team is not working together in understanding what the customer’s success factors are that things will off the rails quickly and it will be difficult to recover from.  Always ensure that you have the right type of people with the with the right mentality who are willing to work together in finding the best solution for your client while also understanding the potential risks they may encounter while working on the project.

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