Construction Project Start-Up

Construction project start-up requires experienced professionals, like those at WDI Group, to ensure that all critical elements are prioritized correctly and efficiently, making project start-up a breeze.

The first step that is taken is an analysis of the project, allowing for a deep understanding of the parameters, scope, contracts, and permits in place. Zoning and permits are a critical piece to the overall speed of the start-up process. The construction budget will play a pivotal role during the start-up, as scope of work and all finalized pricing must fit within the budgeted amounts; therefore, experience matters when it comes to construction budgets.

During project start-up, site and work safety is a priority. Having safety plans and policies in place right from the start of the project will ensure that safety guidelines are adhered to, as well as being able to demonstrate that the correct policies were in place from the start, in the event of any accident, mitigating risk for the project as much as possible. All subcontractors must comply by filling out the appropriate documentation to adhere to WDI Group’s Health and Safety Policy.

Developing project execution and construction plans will allow for clear processes to follow by construction teams. This helps to ensure that the project begins according to plan, while allowing the management team to stay on schedule.

Ensuring that copies of all construction permits are obtained and present on-site is the next crucial phase of the start-up process. All building permits should be organized and kept ready for site inspectors, ensuring that there are no delays or stop-work orders. Before beginning work at a project, WDI Group completes an approved registration form (only applicable to projects estimated at $50,000 and above). This form does not have to be submitted to the Ministry of Labour, but it must be at the project while on site.

Finally, the work must be started without delay as this launch will set the pace for the project itself. Having a hesitant start will have a negative effect on the overall efficiency and progress of the project. Projects need to be simply executed upon without hesitation.

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