Construction Project Closeout

The construction project closeout is an important last step in any construction project. This step is executed after the construction project is completed, but before the project is turned over to the client. Construction project closeout requires that all outstanding contracts be settled, making the project site clean and ready, and that all documentation and paperwork is properly organized and delivered to the client.

Project closeouts include such things as equipment rental returns, temporary utility account closure, subcontractor payouts, construction waste disposal, site cleaning, and quality assurance inspections. Documentation handover is also a critical part to a properly conducted project closeout, including their correspondence that they have received all proper documentation. This not only allows for legal transfer to take place but mitigates any legal risks.

Lastly, all clients are provided with as-built drawings, which are a revised set of drawings submitted by a contractor upon the completion of a project. These drawings reflect all the changes made during the construction process.

With so many moving parts, the WDI Group team of professionals will make sure that the transition is smooth from completion of the project to handing it over to the client.

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