Space Planning

Space planning is a fundamental function of interior design taken after the design concepts stage. Space planning starts with a simple understanding of how the space is to be used. This understanding is critical as an analysis must be carried out to determine the limitations of the space, allowing for the most appropriate design for its use.

WDI Group will create a plan that defines each zone of the space in question, as well as the activities that each zone has. Traffic circulation patterns must also be created, as this will show how people will move through the space. This is a critical step to ensure efficiency of floor space, getting the maximum value out of every square foot of space.

Finally, the finishing touches of furniture and equipment can be placed into the space plan. Office furnishings being a critical element to efficient space planning, as the wrong type or size of furniture will hurt the overall efficiency of the space plan. Once completed, the space plan design can be used and executed upon to turn the vision of the space into reality.

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