Colour and Material Studies

Current office interior design trends lean towards colourful and vibrant spaces, using a mix of colours and materials to have a deep impact on the overall feeling of the space. Therefore, it is important to consider the psychological and subconscious reactions to colours and styles in an office environment, ensuring that the environment supports the goal of the space.

Employee behaviour, productivity, and well-being can be influenced, both positively and negatively, from the interior design concepts of a space. Understanding how style, design, material, colours, and layout can affect individuals is critical to a successful commercial interior design project. A popular design to improve mood, reduce employee stress, and increase productivity is through using natural materials and biophilic design principals in your environment.

The WDI Group team works closely with clients to ensure that every colour and material choice works towards the goals of the space. Whether it’s to build an inviting lobby, a quite space created for focusing, or an open collaborative space, all materials and colours must be chosen to compliment the space and the goal of the space.

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