Commercial Interior Design

Commercial interior design is critical for ensuring an efficient and effective space plan, while also presenting an organizations culture throughout the space. Expert commercial interior designers, such as WDI Group, allow for even the most unassuming interiors to be transformed into highly functional and eye-catching spaces.

Change Management
Create a smooth transition plan for shifting your employees from their current working environment into a future workplace, no matter where that workplace may be.

Colour and Material Studies
Using the perfect mix of colours and materials in the workplace can have major impacts on your staff, visitors, and customers. Have the study necessary to determine the best mix to ensure you are highly productive and seen the way that your brand demands.

Demountable Walls
Demountable walls allow for extreme flexibility in the workplace, as a company can essentially change their space layout on-demand.

Design Concepts
Having a full design concept includes having clearly defined elements such as materials and colours used in a space, furnishings, and overall design styles.

Design Specification Preparation
WDI Group prepares a complete documentation package for your complete construction project, including all elements and schedules of the project.

Facility Programming
Facility programming allows for the collection of all information about a problem before solving it with design.

Glass Wall Partitions
Glass wall partitions allow for an affordable, quick, and easy transformation of an existing space into something more eye-catching, and open feeling, without loss of privacy or increases in noise levels.

Office Furnishing
Quality office furnishings from AIS, Artopex, Borgo, and more.

Schematic Design
Schematic designs are key to helping you visualize your project, allowing for you and key stakeholders to truly understand how your space will look, feel, and flow.

Space Planning
Space planning is a critical step to ensure the your workplace is designed to be highly efficient and supportive to your staff and customers.

Virtual Reality Walkthroughs
Virtual reality for interior design allows non-industry stakeholders truly understand the project vision, and experience the completed project before anything is done, allowing for early buy-in to a project as well as excitement.

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