Colour has such a profound effect on how we feel and how we view the world around us.  It can make us feel happy, sad or somewhere in the middle depending on how we feel at that particular moment.  With corporate interiors, designers have a way of integrating colours that complement the office bringing inspiration, energy and boosting staff productivity.

With today’s open office concept, we no longer see walls dividing up space rather, open areas that are colour coded on walls, floors or ceilings to signify a different section or purpose for the office. Studies have shown that bright or bold colours work best in a corporate environment.  In particular, red, yellow and blue are commonly used and shown to significantly alter the moods and reactions of people in an effective manner.  There are many companies that use Chromology, the psychology of colour. Read more about this here.

Remember to always consult with a professional to ensure that you are using the right colour in the appropriate areas of the office and in the correct tones.  Some tones of green for example, can evoke a sense of relaxation and for a boardroom or huddle room that may not be the right option to go with.  If you want to create an area that will engage your staff, avoid colours in the neutral palette.  These colours should only be used for stairwells where not much action is happening.  Whether you are looking for a creative environment, meeting or productivity area, each colour should be carefully selected and consulted with your interior design team.

Here are a few ideas we can use colours in our office:

Separating work areas

From lounge areas to productivity areas, companies are now finding useful ways to use colour coded carpet tile to signify low or high traffic areas.  This will allow employees to work in areas that are more suited for the type of task they are currently doing.  Separating work zone areas by different colours are easily identifiable with staff and creates a sense of order to their work day.

coloured papers

Capturing the brand

If your company logo already has colours that energize and inspire, then you are in luck.  Using your company colours on walls, ceilings or flooring are a great way to tie it all in with your corporate brand.  Your staff will feel empowered and it can also boost morale.  Colour is a great way to connect with staff and provides them with a sense of identity reminding them of who they work for and who they represent.

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