Nowadays, employees find a home away from home…at work.  Places to play games, shoot some basketball or even do some rock-climbing.  You can even have a drink or two at your very own desk.  These are some of the perks in a co-working environment.  However, this office style does not appeal to all.  Some may differ in opinion and would consider privacy, confidentiality and time to think away from the crowd as another perk especially when your business is more suited for a traditional office setting. It’s no wonder then why some businesses are having a tough time deciding on whether they want a co-working environment or a traditional office setting. The idea of
co-working office spaces came about partially as a result of the rising costs of private office spaces.  These costs can be astronomical and for some, especially entrepreneurs just starting out, it may not be feasible for their budget.

Many experts say that co-working is all the rage now but that it may not be sticking around.  It is an office trend that will come and go.  While some companies have already migrated to this type of office environment and its popularity has grown, it has its drawbacks.  Many businesses who have this current office layout are experiencing some areas of concern and are reconsidering their options.

Office with a nice view

Here are a few valuable points to consider before considering which office style you want to go with:

Who Co-working Environments May Appeal to

Co-working environments may be more appealing to people who are more entrepreneurial or just starting out their own business.  People who work in a mobile environment and don’t require as much privacy, are able to pick up and go as they please as the costs for co-working environments are highly cost effective.  This also means that they don’t require a fixed business address with their portable and mobile enterprise.  Depending on how you look at it this it can be a pro or con – there is less space for storage thanks to storing and sharing files on the cloud based system.  The idea of less is more comes into play.  Minimal space for filing cabinets makes things more efficient and lean especially beneficial when running a smaller operation.

Factors to Consider

Some of the challenges we are seeing in co-working office spaces are that businesses are limited to do their work.  They are unable to freely undertake their tasks as they have signed confidentiality agreements or their work is proprietary.  Working in an open office space makes this type of work impossible to do.  If you have signed off on exclusive agreements and/or working with a high-profile client who wants to maintain a low profile, the last thing you want is to lose credibility and respect from your clients.  Some companies have tried to save costs working in a co-working environment and trying to work with sensitive material or confidential info – this is risk no business owner should ever take.   Sacrificing a client’s business over some cost-savings can destroy your business reputation in the long run.

Always consider what makes the best business sense for your company.  Understanding how you conduct business will give you a view on how you function with your day-to-day operations.  If your business is more proprietary and requires more privacy then a co-working environment is probably not for you.  But if you are a start-up looking to collaborate and increase your network base with neighbouring businesses it might be a better option for you to save on office lease costs and go the co-working office route.

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