As part of providing our clients with total solutions for their corporate interior and fit out needs, WDI Group through its new division offers expertise and design knowledge to ensure your staff and guests can function safely and efficiently in a sterile and risk mitigated CleanSpace approved space.

Our process starts with a consultation where we will design a plan focused on guiding our clients to perform due diligence by taking the proactive steps of ensuring that their workplace is sterile and well designed to function during these unprecedented times.

Design Consultation

Provide workplace analysis which includes 1 on 1 meeting with project consultant, site assessment to provide test fits to make sure you are utilizing your current space to its maximum capacity. By conducting a workplace design analysis, we will make sure that you think differently about your space. By asking the right questions, a proper space plan will allow you to factor in new workstations, collaborative areas and offices if your company needs to adapt to growth or downsizing.

Hands-Free Office & Restroom Solutions

Install hands-free fixtures and hardware to make sure there is no unintentional spread of viruses through your office.

Upgrade your restrooms with new fixtures, finishes, and hands-free technology.

Redesign office space to minimize contact with shared surfaces: doors, furniture and all the other interior finishes we touch during the workday.

Office Cleaning & Sanitization

Deep clean all of the surfaces, furniture, windows, doors, and fixtures throughout an office.

Integrate antimicrobial technology in interior design elements including faucets, window shades, paint, and door hardware and workstations — applying coatings that work to keep them clean and prevent bacteria growth.

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