MountainAccording to Revise Sociology, the average person spends a total of 92, 120 hours at their jobs.  That’s just over 10.5 years!! The numbers are astonishing and quite frightening.  Ergo, careful planning and research on your next office design project is extremely important.  If you are going to spend your valuable time at the office shouldn’t it be worthwhile?  Why not create a healthy work space?  Take in a breath of fresh air indoors!!  Office design is incorporating outside elements into our everyday work life. 

When incorporating natural elements into your office, you help to alleviate stress and create a healthy work environment for everyone.  Even when we’re working late hours, a natural and relaxed setting can help to refresh and rejuvenate one’s mind. A few quick changes can help to display a well grounded and organic feel to your office interior. 

Here are some popular ideas to consider:

Pivot doors

Pivot doors maximize on light and provide a generous opening to the outdoors.  It also connects your office space with all that mother nature has to offer.  If you have access to some beautiful landscaping and greenery, installing pivot doors allows you to be one with nature and can be enjoyed all year long.  Pivot doors give a wide and generous opening for easy access to the outside world any time of the day.  It also works well with modern office designs.

Plants and greenery

Plants are a fantastic solution to freshen and filter indoor air pollution which reduces stress, creates privacy and can act as a sound barrier to reduce office noise.  From simple potted plants to expansive living walls, these ideas help to create that outdoor effect.  Fruits in glass vessels are fun in a kitchen office while moss plants seem to be all the rage these days.  Read more about it here

Incorporate natural materials

Use of natural flooring or wall materials like cork or a hard wood, can provide your space with an organic feel. Nowadays, there are many selections to choose from that will suit your budget.  If you are using cork floor tiles, it helps to absorb sound and are also comfortable on the feet.

Natural and light colours

Calming hues of a light green, warm colours of beige be complemented or blend with brighter colours that resemble the sun, water or sand.  You can tie in your selection of outdoor colours to suit the theme you are trying to achieve – the beach, zen garden or the feel of walking through a lush forest.  The possibilities are endless!

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