Customizing the workplace for employees has greatly contributed towards a more productive environment.  But how do you know if you are offering the top amenities for your staff to ensure top performance levels?  The real answer is you don’t.  Although our clients and or even our bosses, would like us all to be robots who successfully perform on a consistent and continual basis, we are not.  Generally, companies seek cost-effective solutions when renovating office space and it easy to lose sight of the big picture.  We’ve often discussed how client demands and the overall business world are changing which means companies need to be more competitive.  By identifying business needs both internally and externally you can truly observe how productive your business operations are.  Creating a variety of work spaces has shown great benefits for both employers and employees regardless of how big or small the office is.

Here are some options to consider when looking for different ways to change up your office environment keeping your staff in mind:

Various Levels of Ceiling Height

Do you know that various levels of ceiling height can affect the way we think?  You will notice most libraries have high ceilings which allows one’s thoughts to think more freely and allow for more creativity.  It gives the sense that thinking and ideas should be limitless and have no boundaries.  Ceiling height impacts people’s mental processes; studies have shown that the higher the ceiling can increase how we express ideas, while lower ceilings help people to complete more hands-on tasks. Read more about here.

Mood Lighting

Having natural light in the office provides the best office environment, hands down. Most large offices have big fluorescent bars of light above a sea of desks which although very cost-efficient, can make an area feel institutional.  Experts suggest that achieving a luminescence of 500 lux is a good standard for most people to feel alert and productive during the day.  This light range also mimics daylight which helps to improve our mood, helps us to sleep better and as result increase our productivity levels.

Green Elements

For those of us who do not have corner offices with breathtaking views, consider yourself lucky if your desk has a window nearby.  Having access to fresh air and sunlight is beneficial.  As humans, we yearn to be one with nature.  It’s in our genetic make-up.  The soft sounds of flowing water from a fountain and the fresh smell of outdoors all have an impact on how we feel and brings out the best in all of us.


We recently wrote about Colours that Work in the Workplace but using specific colours can inspire creativity.  Using a lime green palette is said to help with creative thinking. Calmer colours like a soft blue are less stimulating and can work well in a more relaxed environment.

office space

It is essential for all of us to feel secure and comfortable in our work environment to carry out daily tasks effectively.  By incorporating these valuable design elements means developing a variety of work spaces that can help to boost energy levels among staff and elevate business thinking.  Get inspired by your team by taking your next office design game to new heights.  Call us today 1-888-304-3114.