What Is Design Build?

pen and ruler on top of blueprint

More and more, contractors are using the term “design build” and you’ve probably heard it several times in your quest to find the perfect company to carry out your office construction or remodeling project.

What is Office Design?

office space with brightly coloured walls

Office design is a simple term to describe a wide-ranging concept, one that can help improve your working environment in surprising ways. Read on to learn more!

How to design an office interior

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The office is where many of us go to work, but it should also be a place that allows us to relieve stress, foster our creativity, and enjoy our interactions with colleagues.

Office Design Ideas

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Looking for some new office design inspiration? Here are some design ideas that could help your team be happier and more productive at the office.

2022 Office Design Trends

Office design needs to evolve to accommodate the new world of work. WDI can help build or retrofit your commercial office space and handle all the details.