Zoning Reviews & Applications

Zoning of a property dictates the uses permitted on the property by local government. Ensuring that zoning of a property allows for your specific use before any project, new build, lease, or purchase, is critical. Zoning is known for being a complicated area when dealing with local government, as a permitted use on one property does not mean that it’s permitted on the property next door!

Zoning regulates what type of buildings and structures can be in a specific area, as well as what uses are allowed. Examples of regulations can include:

  • Lot size and dimension restrictions
  • Parking requirements
  • Building height limits
  • Minimum/maximum distance from the street
  • Building type/use

Zoning for Construction Projects

When any construction project is undertaken, the correct permits must also be acquired from the local government, along with ensuring the correct zoning. Local governments typically issue building permits as a way to ensure that buildings are up to code, ensuring there are standards met for the design and construction of the building that ensures safety, fire protection, accessibility, as well as resource conservation, plus any other local bylaws.

WDI Group understands that this process can take time and attention, and handles the entire permitting process and zoning reviews on your behalf. If any authorities have questions, requires additional information, or requests changes or corrections to the drawings, you can be ensured that it will be taken care of.

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