Building Services Engineering

Building Services Engineering is critical in any new building design or retrofit. It is the responsibility of the mechanical engineers to ensure that the building design is safe (while maintaining function) and meets all required building codes. Other areas that are under the watchful eye of the building engineers including correct HVAC, plumbing systems and pumps, and emergency systems.

Electrical Engineering

It is becoming the norm in electrical engineering to rely on CAD floor plans, typically provided by architectural designers, to achieve lighting and power goals, circuit design, and distribution plans. If an electrical engineer has CAD floor plans available, they can design all the electrical systems and circuits to correctly perform all the required functions while meeting safety and reliability standards, while also being as energy efficient as possible.
An electrical engineer is a critical team member when it comes to a project’s LEED certification. A skilled electrical engineer will minimize light trespass, improve nighttime visibility, and reduce the environmental impact during the night, keeping wildlife safe. Continue reading about LEED and Net Zero Design.

Building Automation Systems

Networked lighting control and building automation systems (BAS) are increasing in popularity, with many new builds and retrofits taking advantage of technology in their electrical systems. This allows for building owners more advanced energy management strategies to decrease energy consumption, while giving building occupants unique and convenient experiences with lighting and power systems. For example, the facility could utilize automated lighting controls to turn lights on and off when individuals are in the room, or occupants can personalize the lighting and temperature of their own office spaces.

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