Architectural Design

WDI Group are experts in Architectural Design, working with space and design elements to create a consistent and functional structure that clients are proud of. Areas of expertise within architectural design includes: 

Building Services Engineering
Business services engineering ensures that a new building or a retrofit is designed with safety and function in balance, allowing for the building to meet codes while being highly functional.

Consultant Team Coordination
Combining all elements of a design and construction team with in-house expertise, a highly collaborative and successful strategy is developed and executed upon. This is critical to allowing for design and construction projects to execute quickly and on-budget.

Contract Documentation and Specifications
The WDI Group team handles all permits, authority requests, and changes or corrections to drawings on your behalf. Take away the stress and reduce the time it takes to get through all the permit process with our experienced team.

Design Development
Design Development includes a detailed sets of drawings, including a specification book and other technical information required for your building design.

Existing Facility Audits
Get a comprehensive review of all a facility’s assets, including component condition, as well as the total value of a facility.

Architectural Feasibility Studies
In-depth architectural feasibility studies allows for quick answers to whether or not a building project is feasible for any number of reasons, such as costs, safety, likelihood of permission, etc.

Integrated Project Delivery
Integrated project delivery sets out to integrate people, systems, business structures and practices into a collaborative process, allowing for the complete harnessing of all the expertise of the combined team, leading to highly successful project outcomes.

LEED & Net Zero Design Facilitation
LEED and Net Zero design is a highly demanded discipline that WDI Group proudly offers. Full LEED building certification and Net Zero Design.

Zoning Reviews & Applications
Let the experts at WDI Group handle your permit and zoning process. Any questions or additional information that the authorities may need, WDI Group will take care of on your behalf. With an expert team supporting your applications, your approval process will be easier and faster with an experienced team like WDI Group leading the charge.

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