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Creating the Right Setting for Effective Collaboration

Creating the Right Setting for Effective Collaboration The “if we build it they will come” model of providing collaboration spaces for employees rarely works. Workplace experts will tell you that too many areas – perhaps millions of square feet – provided for collaborative work are empty much of the time. That’s [...]

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Case Study

Case Study One financial institution had been struggling with complaints from its employees all across campus, specifically with the need for more collaboration space. The real-estate and facilities groups were constantly hearing that no conference rooms were available when needed. By observing current meeting spaces carefully, however, the company discovered that [...]

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Use Considerations

Use Considerations Use considerations address how the space will be managed over time. Adaptability to other users/uses. Is there a need for the space to be used in different ways? How frequently will it need to be reconfigured? How will reconfigurations influence technology placement and other features? Technology changes. How quickly [...]

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A Tour of Potential Collaborative Spaces

A Tour of Potential Collaborative Spaces Though not an exhaustive list of possible collaborative spaces, these examples demonstrate how different spaces can support various situations. Commons Areas. The community area, cafeteria, or “commons” area for many companies can be the central gathering place of the organization and often can promote [...]

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