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Healthcare facilities serve hundreds of patients every day, helping different types of patients in safe and infection controlled environments. It’s pivotal that the interior design of a healthcare facility be functioning at optimal levels, all while providing a calm and welcoming atmosphere. There are few places where functionality is as crucial as it is in healthcare interior design, and the guidelines/codes of the Ontario Building Code have never been more stringent.

We at WDI Group cater to specialize healthcare environments, and are ready to help tackle the needs of your healthcare-based workspaces. Our healthcare interior design offers healthcare providers with up-to-date industry solutions, modeling off of the ever-changing healthcare business model. We’ll work hand-in-hand to develop medical spaces that will please your staff and provide a welcoming environment for your patients.

Every space within a healthcare facility is key – your skilled staff and patients alike all need every part of a medical facility to be functional and useful. From small medical centers to large hospital settings, we can work with you to provide design solutions unique to your location.

Our experienced designers know how to maximize the potential of every space within your facility, all while keeping the space open and attractive. Efficient space management is paramount in our design process, ensuring we collaboratively design a supportive workspace for our clients.

Our design team knows that the quality of care at your facility is directly related to how space is managed. Healthcare interior design is an ever-changing art, but our passion for design drives us to provide better interiors for our healthcare clients.

The performance of your medical furnishings is paramount in this rapidly evolving industry. While we devote exceptional amounts of attention to care delivery and safety, we’re also committed to designing environments that comfort and assure patients and their loved ones. With our knowledge of medical spaces, we utilize colours and textures to foster calm, soothing surroundings.

Our skilled team has been lauded by our health clients for our deep devotion to healthcare interior design. Are you ready to see what we at WDI Group can do for you and your medical team?

The healthcare environment has complex requirements – not only do you need to have attractive environments, but they have to stand up to the test of time and use. Quality of care is something health professionals must think about every day, and their workspaces have to cater to this need.

Our design solutions will provide comfort and ease of use for patients as well as medical professionals. Our designs will increase productivity, lifting the morale of employees and patients alike.

Sustainability is key in all of our design projects – you can be sure that our healthcare interior design goals will go hand-in-hand with our environmental commitment. Our health clients have expressed their appreciation that our team was able to choose environmentally sound options for constructions and furnishings, without going over budget.

Medical Healthcare Interior Design

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