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Hospitality facilities need to have a great first impression, be kept updated and designed for this high use environment. The hospitality industry is a competitive market. The key to success is having well designed spaces that attract clientele. The expertise that WDI Group can bring to the table, will make your ongoing upgrades a more efficient process.

Hospitality interior design is all about your brand, and envisioning its expansion – your space has its own unique culture that your company’s brand must uphold. Every room, every hallway, every part of your business should reflect the core imagery you wish to convey. Your spaces have a story to tell, and we want to help you tell it.

Hotels, resorts, restaurants and any hospitality venues, WDI Group can help bring your restaurant or hospitality interior design to light. Our team will work hand-in-hand with you to define every step needed to reach completion.

Hospitality interior design is unlike any other form of interior design – these spaces are built to impress and awe each and every visitor, while maintaining optimal functionality. The beauty of the environment must be blended perfectly with its utility in order to fully capitalize on the space.

Our design specialists are passionate about crafting stunning spaces, from lounges and reception areas to stylish suites and dining rooms. Purposeful beauty is the name of the game, and our team excels at it. Whether you need to expand on your existing brand, or build an entirely new one, we can work with your company to build the hospitality interior design plans that you need. Team up with WDI Group, and our carefully crafted spaces will leave your guests wowed.

Our passion for hotel and restaurant design can easily be seen in our dedication to selecting unique furniture and fixture choices for each individual client. We choose our furnishings by setting core standards for each piece – they must have culture, function, versatility, durability, and be priced correctly for our clients. Our furnishings will always be in line with your design goals.

When it comes to hospitality interior design, furnishings and fixtures are paramount to set the tone of each individual space. Our furniture selections will bring all of our design elements together, perfecting your final design.

We’re passionate about expanding on the heart of your brand, and showing it off to your clients so they can experience the core of your culture. When your interior design seeks to focus in on the heart and soul of your brand, clients will return to feel the experience again and again.

Hospitality interior design should be approached from an integrated perspective, combining design and furnishings with construction management. Our clients are always relieved to learn that we manage our design projects from start to finish, by taking responsibility and managing every detail of the renovation process.

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