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Once construction has finished on your new workspaces, the final step is to proceed with furnishing the newly built area. Office furnishings are key to a great design. Great culture thrives when employees and team members are surrounded by high-quality, esthetically pleasing furnishings.

The final touches on your space won’t simply include office furniture – this final step will include putting in floors, carpets, painting walls, setting up lighting, seating, storage, and partitioning of private offices and cubicles. This last step in the design process is often viewed as the most critical, as you can finally see the vision for your designs coming to life. As designers we are always excited to get to this portion of the process – let’s break it down and see what you can expect from this final stage.

The furniture that goes into your new space is the incredible finishing touch. We choose colours, materials, fabrics, and textures that conform to your company’s brand. Your business has its own unique style, and the furniture that goes in each room of your business location should reflect that style.

We pay close attention to ergonomics, and incorporate good ergonomic practices into our designs and the furniture that we choose. If not designed correctly, office furniture can either work against your body. Ergonomics work to support the natural movements of your body. That’s why we provide seating with substantial shapes and options for the comfort and physical safety of your employees.

When thinking about how your new workspaces will affect your business, you don’t want to be worried about how the construction and furnishing process will negatively affect the environment. When you’re working with us, rest assured that  WDI Group is committed to choosing sustainable construction options and environmentally-friendly furniture selections.

Office furniture can be created in such a way that it has a huge impact on our environment – huge amounts of materials can be wasted during the construction of modern furniture, leaving a lasting impression on nature. We work closely with furniture distributors that work to reduce waste and make furnishings using sustainable methods.

WDI Group’s dedication to sustainability goes beyond selling environmentally friendly office furniture. For decades we have practiced environmentally sustainable design by making the most environmentally responsible choices in our demolition, construction, renovation, installation and design practices.

As designers, we have primary responsibility for shaping sustainably built environments. The goal is to balance human needs, economics and environmental responsibility for a healthy workplace. At WDI Group, we are dedicated to preserving the environment and securing your future as well as future generations. Our usage of environmentally friendly materials from the production line to your doorstep reflects this.

Our staff is familiar with LEED, SCS Indoor Advantage™ Certification, and other environmental standards. We work with product that meet BIFMA e3 Furniture Sustainability Standard, Level Certification, and Cradle to Cradle Certification wherever possible. We are constantly training to keep ahead of the constant development in this field and are committed to ongoing research and staff education to shape our thinking.

Anyone who has said you can’t have quick work done inexpensively hasn’t seen the designs and construction projects completed by our design company! WDI Group knows you have a budget that must be closely adhered to, and furniture and fixtures shouldn’t be the thing that breaks the bank. There are a myriad of choices when it comes to office furniture, but we have the experience and industry know-how to seek out the right choices for you and your business.

Office furniture can be functional, beautiful, unique and we work with you to ensure we bring value to the table. We work closely with trusted furniture suppliers to get cost effective and reliable furnishings. Putting the finishing touches on your new spaces shouldn’t be a stressful experience – you can trust us to handle all the final additions that will be added to your newly designed work environments.

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