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Educational facilities are a clear benefit for our society – these places of learning draw in students who wish to learn and expand their horizons. Educational spaces also attract teachers of all kinds, and the administration that would ensure these teachers have a comfortable and safe space to impart their knowledge.

Supplying high-quality educational interior design is rarely simple, but at WDI Group, it’s part of our passion for interior design and construction. We strive to coordinate closely with your goals and practical needs for your educational spaces, all while providing appealing furniture and interior finishes. We cater to every educational level, budget, and sets of individual needs.

An educational environment should actively stimulate the minds, hearts, and souls of those who enter it, and we’re committed to making that true of your learning spaces.

In classrooms, teachers train people of all ages to reach their potential, and embolden students to pursue higher goals. Our team believes that educational interior design should reflect the desires of both teacher and student, meeting the needs of both parties, always keeping in mind collaboration.

A classroom’s design can facilitate connection between students and their teacher, and promote communicative behaviors between students overall. A classroom space can promote learning, simply through its design, furnishings, and layout.

When designing a classroom space, we approach holistically – we highlight beauty in the design, while never sacrificing functionality. A teacher needs to have room for whatever tools and materials they may need to utilize in the classroom.

While classrooms are a key functional aspect to every academic environment, our team knows that educational interior design includes outlining spaces besides the classroom, such as offices, meeting rooms, and communal spaces for students, teachers, and administration alike.

Our practiced team focuses on key factors of design, keeping in mind balance, harmony, rhythm, and emphasis in every space we create. We’ll work with you to harness these elements of design, using them to craft a space you can be proud of.

Whatever the needs in your educational interior design, we can meet them – we can cater to cafeterias, auditoriums, daycares, break rooms, libraries, and more.

Interior design is our passion, but working within the needs of our clients is paramount to successful design completion. We don’t consider a job done unless it’s completed precisely within your guidelines: we always delivered a finished product on time, and we always maintain the budget that is agreed upon during a consultation.

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